Medusas Wax Project

By |Published On: 30 de August de 2022|Categories: Community Outreach|

The MEDUSAS WAX is a project that originated from Sean Drake (a good friend and guest of Michanti Home of Adventure) and his friends during his first visit to the hotel. While hanging out at the hotel, he was moved by the medusas program. He said «I have experienced first hand what the Jellyfish Program was and got inspired to give something to them that could help them out.» He thought what can he do that could be both used by people and also create incentives for the girls at the Medusas Club? And that’s when he thought of Surf Wax – which can be sold to surfers that need it and make some money for the girls. “Think of Girl Scout cookies, but cooler,” he said.

On his last trip to El Salvador in mid-November, he brought 2 cases of Tropical Medusas Wax with his friend Alexander. They handed the boxes over to Yaz and Suri, Medusas Mothers, and treated everyone to some pupusas at Jeisis Pupuseria – the best pupas in town. Now you can find wax in several spots in El Zonte like El Vikingo, Puro Surf, and Michanti. The girls now have tons of wax to use for their surfboards. The vibes have been super fun in the water.

It is really nice to see people visiting El Salvador and getting motivated to give back. This was Sean’s third surf trip to El Salvador and a month before his arrival he was reaching out to us regarding what he could do to help out the community. If you want to donate or do something to give back in any way just contact us and together we can sort something out. El Salvador is a developing country and, naturally, has a lot of needs. Shoutout to Jimbo’s Surf Wax for making the wax and to everyone else who got involved!